Cessna 210/P210 Training

The following areas of operation shall be instructed in a formal interactive ground training setting. Students should expect as much time as necessary to exercise proficiency and demonstrate the highest level of safety. Following successful completion of ground training, the student will graduate to commence in-flight training to proficiency in their own aircraft. This curriculum allows for 4 days of instruction but may be completed in as little as 3 days with consideration to student experience and instructional requirements.

Instruction will be provided by Captain Wes Dixon. Captain Dixon is a CFR Part 121 Airline Captain, FAA Line Check Airman, and holder of ATP/CFII/MEI certificates. He presents his passion for aviation and safety in an interactive and “real-world” curriculum that is as much of a challenge as it is fun for the student. Captain Dixon’s experience stems from providing initial airline flight training to new hire First Officers, as well as new-upgrade Captains. Additionally, Captain Dixon has owned approximately 20 retractable and pressurized Cessna aircrafts to include the P210, 210 and the 182RG.


As a designated LCA and Instructor, Captain Dixon emphasizes the following:

Compliance with manufacturer, company, and FAA established standards and procedures.

Maintain a safe attitude and exhibit sound aeronautical decision making.
Develop and revise company procedures in order to enhance safety and efficiency.
Authorized by the Federal Aviation Administration to provide initial line experience to new hire pilots and upgrade Captains.

At the conclusion of training, Captain Dixon will determine the need for additional training or emphasis in order to “train to proficiency and safety”. Upon successful demonstration of proficiency and safety, Captain Dixon will provide a certificate of training acknowledging successful completion of the curriculum above.

Over 90% of aviation fatalities are a result of pilot error and/or poor judgement. Our mission is to provide a comprehensive, thorough, and constructive approach to establishing a broad knowledge base for pilots to not only fly their aircraft, but to offer effective command authority and decision making during the operation of their aircraft. We are eager to earn your trust and we look forward to working with you soon.