Aircraft Consulting

Have you considered purchasing a corporate aircraft? Can a corporate aircraft be cost-efficient for shareholders? What kind of aircraft do you need? What are the operating costs? Tax benefits? These are only a few of the thousands of questions to ask when developing a corporate flight department. FlyMax Aircraft in Atlanta, Georgia provides comprehensive aircraft consulting services with answers to your questions and solutions for your specific operation.

Our services include:

Aircraft Mission Analysis

Where do you want to go? How many passengers? How often? Where are you based? Regional? Trans-oceanic? Trans-continental? These questions are just the beginning of your journey to aircraft ownership



Does this aircraft make sense? What is your return on investment? At FlyMax, we assist with a reality-based approach. A Gulfstream G650 would be overkill for a 200nm mission, while a Cessna Conquest from coast to coast wouldn’t be feasible if you’re required to be aloft for 6+ hours.

Budgeting Analysis

How much will the endeavor cost? What are the real numbers? It’s important to note that the purchase price of an aircraft is only half of the equation. The operation costs are what keep corporate accountants up at night. We can show you factual data and provide suggestions to assist you with staying within budget.

Deferred Cost Options

Can this aircraft make you money? What options are available to defer fixed costs? What are the legalities involved? Aircrafts are usually the most expensive when they’re sitting in the hangar. We can assist the aircraft budget by putting your aircraft to work.


Where should you base the aircraft? Is one airport better than another? Where are your ideal buyers located? You have the plane, and we can help you get it in front of the right people.

Flight Department Proposals

Who will provide oversight for your investment? How do you hire a pilot? What about maintenance? Developing a functional flight department not only keeps your company safe but also turns your investment into a smart business tool. Aircraft management is often one of the most overlooked aspects of aircraft ownership.

Ownership Options

What’s best for you? Dry lease? Wet lease? Fractional ownership? Full ownership? Charter? We can work together to determine what option will be best for you and your bottom line.

Current Market Analysis

What is the current state of the market? Are you paying too much? Is there a better option available? FlyMax dives deeper into that “screaming deal” that we found. It’s important to know the ins and outs of the asset before making your final decision. We are committed to assisting you with an accurate representation of aircraft valuation.

Aircraft Acquisition

As a company, we have walked with hundreds of clients through every step of the buying process. We are your partners in this venture and are committed to staying by your side until your dream has become a reality.

Relying on over 30 years of experience in aircraft consulting, FlyMax Aircraft has you covered. We provide strategic aircraft consulting for your corporate flight department. We know the questions to ask, and the means to get the answers you need.

To learn how we can help you, contact our CEO, Wes Dixon via email or phone at (770) 337-1231.