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Aircraft Management

What is Aircraft Management?

FlyMax Aircraft Management Services
Corporate or private aircraft are no longer considered just a luxury in today’s global market. The flexibility, convenience, and efficiency offered by an aircraft have become a mere necessity for business productivity. However, maintaining a corporate flight department can be a formidable and daunting task for many businesses or private owners alike.

FlyMax Aircraft, LLC is YOUR turnkey aircraft management solution. We make ownership easy! Ask yourself this, “What happens behind the scenes of a corporate flight department? What type of planning and maintenance are required to make this trip happen? Who schedules the crew? Who do I call to get the trip in motion? Who tracks the expenses?”

The answer is FlyMax Aircraft, LLC…

Turnkey Systems

FlyMax Aircraft, LLC provides the following aircraft management services in order to accommodate the best balance between affordability and efficiency:

“FlyMax Private” Management

  • Scheduling of routine maintenance by the shop of your choice.
  • Oversight of tiedown/hangar lease by Fixed Base Operator of your choice.
  • Fuel discounts available.
  • Quarterly expense sheets provided for accounting records.
  • Maintain all aircraft navigational databases.
  • Assure compliance with annual and IFR certifications.
  • Assure compliance with Airworthiness Directives and/or Service Bulletins.
  • Your hometown (PDK, RYY, or FTY) agent available 24/7.

“FlyMax VIP” Management

  • TALK to a person, not a machine. Let our friendly HOMETOWN staff get your mission underway without the hassle of pushing buttons. 24 hours/ 365 days/ 7 days a week
  • EASY Online flight scheduling directly from your smartphone with your aircraft’s online calendar.
  • TRIP PACKS that contain flight briefing sheets. Flight briefings include: aircraft status, squawk status, pending maintenance, customer profile data (i.e…Mrs.Jones has a peanut allergy, etc.), flight orders (rental car, hotel, limo,etc).
  • DATABASE and certification compliance for all Navigation equipment.
  • COMPLIANCE with annual and IFR certifications.
  • AIRWORTHINESS Directives and/or Service Bulletins monitored.
  • QUARTERLY expense sheets prepared for your aircraft. Your accounting department will love you!
  • MONTHLY and weekly aircraft detailing. Waxed, polished, shined….after all, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Aircraft vacuumed PRIOR to each flight.
  • WORLDWIDE flight handling services and support.
  • FBO FAX. We notify the arriving FBO of your expected arrival time. We arrange the rental cars. We handle the catering. We arrange security. Does it get any easier than this?
  • GRATUITY. Yes, we even handle the gratuity for flight line personnel. Crew members can text or email the names, along with service rating, of line or front desk personnel to our operations center. Then, we will immediately disperse a thoughtful gratuity and a thank you card to the deserving recipient. You would be amazed at how much a little respect and appreciation means to line personnel. Additionally, this respect is returned by line personnel in the form of incredible service above and beyond the call of duty.
  • MAINTENANCE scheduling. Following each trip, crew members will submit the simple-to-use aircraft status report (available from their smartphones) to notify operations of any pending squawks or other required service.
  • CREW SCHEDULING: we have you covered. Long term, short term…it doesn’t matter. You have enough to worry about. Let us find a competent crew to exceed your highest expectations.
  • CREW TRAINING: FlyMax Aircraft, LLC will assure that all crew personnel are compliant with FAA regulations and Insurance requirements. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Corporate Charter Options

Carefully evaluate every detail before placing your aircraft under a Part 135 Charter certificate (as offered by other management firms). Let FlyMax Aircraft help you decide if part 135 is the best arrangement for you.

“Dry-Lease” and “Fractional Ownership” Options…

Fractional OwnershipLet FlyMax Aircraft LLC help put your aircraft to work with a Part 91 “Dry Lease” or “Fractional Ownership” arrangement. This simple, yet innovative approach takes the hassle and expense of “Part 135 charter” operations. Best of all Dry-Lease OWNERS make 100% of the profit from the aircraft usage. No loop holes, absolutely legal, approved by the FAA, no false dealings, just good business strategy. Call us to learn more! Aircraft Ownership Options


We know that you can trust us, and we will work tirelessly to convince you of the same. Give us a chance and you will be glad you did! Flight departments do NOT need to be a burden. Let FlyMax Aircraft, LLC show you how…